lördag 6 april 2019

Have you ever sort of, felt like the character that Bill Murray preformed in the tumbling cinema, Groundhog day? Or when you feel that kind of joy in you, you just can't figure out why your legs don't work. When they don't behave as they should. It's just like when Johnny Depp perform Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. When he's walks in a hotel corridor. That corridor with the rugs that feels hypnotizing. 
Kind of alike those test's. The ones when you stare at a 2D image and suddenly you see 3D or maybe it's 4D. Don't remember right now.

When you walking on the rugs with messy patterns, when the feeling of fear arrives..; and suddenly you are in a bloody hotel. A hotel made by Stephen fuuu- King. And not the later cinema. Bad luck there.. You're in the darn Kubrick version 

and all you 
feel is 
but it's more like 
@O@OOO\-->_<--OhhAAAh and you don't know why you screaming! 

Or at least, you can't figure out why you still screaming. And then, out of sudden, the laughter.
The endless hysterical laughter.

B-to-da-cause 'n' a dooh; where is what and to the; who hove (--biip-- what's the word, things you can't do?!) giv'in for how-ling in this mess?! Our belief..

The shining! What a heck! Why?! But that’s really not the question, is it.

.:and why does the accordions always felt so darn inviting
at the same time as --> never wanna dance to that waltz:.


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