fredag 19 april 2019

Once upon a time there was a gleam of light, but hey, it wasn't so long ago. I sat down with a girl next to me, and we could breathe together. Without the pressure or any other word that follows that sentence.

She was visiting Sweden with her boyfriend, who knows the man that I loved.
So we drank, we barbeque. We had I nice time.
But I remember it like me and the girl never really spoke. Never really laugh.
Of course we spoke. Of course we laugh.
It was summer, early summer.

And out of nowhere, a light arrived.
The girl next to me shined. 
Her boyfriend asked a question, about raspberries.
Oh lord, hope this happened!
Know I get confused. Really hope my memory is true.
She always wanted to pick raspberries.  
All four of us walk a few hundred meters to where the raspberries grow. And it was just the time, as the wild raspberries tastes so good.
I think it was dark, or almost dark. I think the dawn had arrived.
I think we ate raspberries with cream and sugar.
I really hope we did.

I really love that moment.
That she showed herself fair in front of two new people, in a foreign country. And that she shone like a star. On a dark sky a single bright star.

And I do hope I remember your face. I just can't see it. Or if it's me who can't believe that I can see you. But since when do we need to see to feel.

Do hope we'll someday soon meet again. 

"let the beat control yr body"x3 
*umpf umpf*

Draw the line
feel yr spine
embrace yourself
be yr own mate
follow what u can relate
its never over
still we carry
its never to late
to find peace in this state

in this togheter
in the land of the lost
out of nowere
among wondering
sinking lower
still flouting
touch the breeze
hearing hearts
firm we stand
still give in for a new start

shine sister
shine for me
let's shine togher
let's rest in mind
carry the caring
leave moments behind
let's do this besser

everywhere we stand waiting in line
everyever each others paws we keep
beloved sister
beloved sisters
we don't need to remember faces
in no need of names
let's turn away external shame
still we enter that game
still we feel
from torn we heel

figurate from devotion
relate yr emotion

over frozen layers
the cracked-ice
we'll screed to proceed  
giving in for the dice

why our hearts are in longing
why we still singing
to the beat
we do feel this heat
to every song we ever sang
yet we'll always sing
yet in need of our fangs
do in need of our wings

love sister
love brother
love father
love mother
spirits of every emotion
spirits of our devotion
togheter we rest
united we stand
united we breath
among da knowledge
stored in our chest
with love compassion and tranquility
we carry on the be lasting liability
bounded with as without choice
we race our voice
through frequencies
every heart known sequences

hear me sister
we never stand alone
feel me sister
nothing is ever gone
touch me sister
cry your song
scream with me sister
no shout is ever too long
rise with me sister
let's shine our light
rest with me sister
need to fight
direct me sister
we know this sight

between maps of reality
seen it all
felt it all
we who heard
without words
we who did spoke
still we stood as choked
it's ok sister
it's allright
we never really continued
by the rules
of others demands
handling our tools
this we can do
togher we stand
this we will do
walking hand in hand
leaving the never was
still we this can do
every beat by heart
still we do can see
the promised land
near the need of a hand to feel
hey sister
you know, we do can heal

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